Social Security
Top Nine Services on the Social Security Web Site

The internet has become a convenient option for many people seeking services or information from their Social Security office.

By accessing Social Security Online, you can find the location of the nearest office, apply for benefits, find out how much you have credited to your record or change the name on records. The internet web site is

Social Security Online houses one of the largest collections of online information of any government agency and it's a good way to access basic information and services.

The most popular offerings are listed below.

  • Request Earnings and Benefits Estimate Statement
  • Application for a Social Security card
  • Frequently asked questions and answers about the program
  • The Social Security Handbook, a basic reference about it's programs
  • The most widely used public forms
  • Publications on retirement, disability and survivors benefits and Supplemental Security Income for the aged, blind and disabled. These are among some 100 publications available.
  • Full text of official agency rulings
  • Summary of the trustees' annual report of the Social Security trust funds
  • Sixty years of Social Security history with text and photos

Users may download, copy and print material from Social Security Online. 

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